True rapid charging: 80% charge in 20 minutes

Recently, the battery charging industry has seen numerous rapid charging claims of breakthrough performance. Finally, there is one that truly is exceptional and outperforms anything currently available. In partnership with PDI, Chargetek has developed the only true rapid charge solution. We can safely charge up to 80% of battery capacity in 20 minutes. Based on proven patents, chemical analysis, and confirmed with extensive testing, there is no doubt that our technology outperforms anything available on the market today. Please email us at with your questions and inquiries.

  • Patented and proven rapid charging algorithm
  • Applicable for batteries ranging from lithium ion 18650 cell to 20,000Ahr batteries
  • Applicable for lead based chemistries such as AGM, SLA and maintenance free
  • Applicable for lithium cobalt oxide and lithium iron phosphate
  • Does not overheat or overvoltage the battery
  • Closed loop feedback of temperature, voltage and charge current ensures safe and optimal charging
  • Proprietary software can be customized per application
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Typical applications for rapid charging

Solar and wind power
  • Able to use maximum power when available
  • Power scalable depending upon weather conditions
  • Capable of charging two trucks simultaneously
  • Reduces cost of extra trucks
  • Minimizes downtime of personnel and equipment
Portable equipment
  • Provides high availability
  • Rapid charger can be embedded on an OEM basis
First responders
  • Provides peak conditions of batteries at all times
  • Able to charge quickly during emergencies
Electric vehicles
  • Provides for significant opportunity charge
  • Applicable to a wide range of battery pack voltages
  • Rapid charger can be embedded on an OEM basis
Material handling
  • Provides high availability
  • Minimizes downtime of personnel and equipment
  • Rapid charger can be embedded on an OEM basis

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