RTIC-FC: single bank high power fan cooled chargers

With a wide operating temperature range and UL/CSA 1012 certification, the RTIC-FC product is especially suited for high end industrial applications and environments. This fan cooled product series is versatile and rugged. The RTIC-FC is factory programmable to accommodate several user defined charging algorithms. An LED display indicates charging and AC/DC status. There are also four optional user-defined signal/power relay contacts and long distance digital temperature compensation.


  • Intelligent three stage charger
  • UL/CSA 1012 certified
  • Spark-free hookup
  • Mode indicators
  • Optional control monitoring signals
  • Optional temperature compensation
  • Optional relay contacts
  • Low standby current
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Over voltage and current protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Rugged and vibration resistant
  • Reliable fan cooling
  • 110 VAC or 220 VAC models




  110 VAC
  RTIC 1120-FC 12VDC @ 20 Amps manual spec sheet
  RTIC 1210-FC 24VDC @ 10 Amps manual spec sheet
  RTIC 1307-FC 36VDC @ 7 Amps manual spec sheet
  RTIC 1405-FC 48VDC @ 5 Amps manual spec sheet
  220 VAC
  RTIC 2120-FC 12VDC @ 20 Amps manual spec sheet
  RTIC 2210-FC 24VDC @ 10 Amps manual spec sheet
  RTIC 2307-FC 36VDC @ 7 Amps manual spec sheet
  RTIC 2405-FC 48VDC @ 5 Amps manual spec sheet
  O&M drawing for all RTIC-FC models
  Download IGS 3D model



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