Fan cooled battery chargers

There are many factors that determine the type of charger required for a particular application. Choosing the right charger is critical to ensure that all requirements are met and that the charger is not over specified. One of the primary factors in charger selection is the operating environment. Please review our waterproof page to determine what is appropriate for your application. If it is determined that a waterproof product is not required, then fan cooling can provide several advantages. The pros and cons of fan cooling or forced air cooling are described below.

  • Reduced component temperatures translate into higher reliability and lower MTBF
  • Fans are very effective in forcing air through the unit and reducing internal temperatures
  • Power output is 2-3 times greater than convection cooling
  • Most restrictions on the system thermal design are eliminated
  • The charger can be mounted in any orientation
  • The physical size of the charger can be significantly reduced

  • Acoustic fan noise can be a negative for quiet environments
  • Dust and other contaminants can be drawn into the unit
  • Accumulation of contaminants on the fan and components reduces cooling effectiveness
  • Air filters mitigate the negative effects but require maintenance to clear or change
  • Fans are usually the least reliable component in the unit

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    For a detailed comparsion of these chargers, refer to the product selector guide.

    Chargetek can also produce modified or custom designed battery chargers to your specifications.

    New rapid charge technology

    Chargetek has introduced true rapid charging which is unmatched in the industry today. Battery recharge times have been reduced by factors of two to three without damage or overheating to the battery. See this section for more information.

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