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Perfect solution for a broad spectrum of everyday applications

• Automobiles

• Marine Craft

• Farm Equipment

• Generators

• Battery Back-up

• Motorcycles

• Snowmobiles

• Industrial Tools

• Rapid Charging

• Personal Craft

• Electric Vehicles

• UPS Batteries

• Remote Stations

• Battery Storage

• Security Systems

• Fleet Charging

Versatile and Unique Solutions for Battery Charging and Power Systems

•  Custom Solutions for automotive, marine, industrial, and military markets

•  DC input products for alternative energy and transportation industries

•  Charging solutions for lithium, lead, AGM, and other battery chemistries

•  Wireless and Ethernet communications for IoT requirements

•  Digital communications including I2C, SPI, PMOD, SMBus and CAN

•  Hermetically sealed, fully encapsulated waterproof products

•  ISO 9001-2015 certified production facilities

True rapid charge technology

Introducing true rapid charge technology A proven and patented method for safely and reliably fast charging batteries

More Information

A patented method for

reliable fast charging



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