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TPRO-320-2 is a three stage lead based charger

Safety Agency Certification

Mode indicators

Low standby current

Reverse polarity protection

Over voltage and current protection

Rugged and waterproof

Fully encapsulated and hermetically sealed

Easily installed

Lead Free

Ignition Protection

Precise Voltage Regulation

Input transient protection


Multi-Bank Waterproof Chargers

The TPRO multi-bank series is available in two and three bank configurations.  Each bank is electrically isolated allowing for series and parallel configurations in 24V and 36V applications. Charge balancing of each bank is accomplished by sensing each bank independently and charging appropriately. With a wide operating temperature range and UL/CSA 1236 certification, this product is especially suited for high end industrial applications and severe environments. An LED display indicates charging and AC/DC status.


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